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We just moved into the coolest mid century modern home this week and one of the rooms is sunken with a huge stone fireplace. It feels alot like a lodge or a pub in that room so we plan to go with it. We are going to rip up the carpet and install a dark Durapalm floor. We have our eye on a cool pool table and we have some great sofas that we will redo. In keeping with that tacky lodgey feel, I want to hang a moose head and cookcoo clock but not a real moose head- something more Picasso like. I still want them to feel mid-modern and I think this clock seems to really fill that need, but for $598.00 I know I can do better. After snooping around the net I found this site for kits but I think if I put more into it I should come up with the right movement for just a few bucks. I am going to have so much fun shopping for the bird too!


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