Moss Terrarium

Unemployment has been very soothing (despite the ulcer the lack of money is causing). On Sunday Sophie and I went for a hike in the woods that is our backyard, for the first time since we have been here, just to explore. We found a quick path to the beach, tons of moss, lots of fallen balloons, (think about that the next time you launch one) and some lovely yellow flowers.
When we got back to the studio we promptly created a terrarium. Something I have been wanting to do for years now! And guess what? It wasn't that hard! Grab a jar, toss in dirt, lay moss on top, water and then add woodland creatures. Easy peasy.
I have been vacillating with what I want to do now.
-open master boutique-style pet grooming shop (i have it dwindled down to a starting cost of just one grand now but dang it is hard to pull that out of your donkey these days)
-or just incorporated it in my studio? (leaning towards that as a start)
-make my own pet shampoos and what not (i have always been fascinated with apothecary)
-resell those products (using my Master pet groomer title)
-spend more time crafting with Sophie, summer is a coming!



A Few things I am Loving Today

A little craft project that I will be doing all the time now that we have a newly adopted studio kitty named Cosmo.
Our kitchen is near complete and man how I miss baking with my daughter. these paper baking cups are top of the list!

Love this matte and gloss retake on french tip nails. (plus i smashed my thumb last week. this would totally hide the black nail!)

Love these shorts. Total throwback to the 90s!

Don't tell Sophie that I bought her this for Easter. It is totally cute and I cannot stop looking at it and giggling. Check out motleymutton's Etsy shop.
But if you see something you like, grab it! They go fast!



I Missed You

I quit my dog grooming job last week! I have been looking for a reason to quit and boy oh boy she gave me one! Now I am about this close to opening my own shop so I am scrimping and saving to do it.
Wanna help? Go to my Etsy shop, make a purchase and use coupon code MISSEDYOU to save 20% off all purchases! (convo me for joint shipping charges).



Hide Your Towel, Hide Your Sponge!



Lookit Lookit!

I am totally geeking out over what I just found on Ebay and had to tell someone!

Do you see what this is? An uncut Todd Oldham sewing pattern (love him. love his BFF Amy Sedaris. love Charlie Harper. I have for over 20 years now). But when I saw this I said "holy shit- that ugly shirt has every single one of his collectible buttons on it!"
Then I squinted a bit and said "I know that brod. Is that Morena Baccarin? aka Anna from V!"

Totally worth the 7 bucks to find out! There are 2 left if anyone is interested....
size 14-18 and size 20-24



Varsity Prep For Fall

I’m loving this Fall’s preppy varsity look – it seems to be all about faux uniforms, crests emblazoned on blazers, and the revival of the ‘campus’ look. Some of my favorite additions to the style roster would be coat-of-arms necklaces, ‘ivy league’ jackets, and faux horn-rimmed thick framed glasses (although really, they’re just the wayfarer style with clear lenses).

Puppy Tooth Jersey Jacket My fav so far, prolly for the name. It also sounds soft.

I think this collection of badges and brooches is what got me started on this concept. I have already dug out a few blazers and brooches from my wardrobe and this weekend I hit the mother load when I found a huge collection of vintage badges from various Scottish games at an estate sale.
Here is a sneak peak of what I will be posting over the next few day to my Etsy shop.

A couple of accessories that I am diggin on right now is this big ass hair clip and wallet2wear.


Sushi For Breakfast

We were planning on having it for dinner last night but it got to be too late by the time we made it onto the boat last night.

Sophie gave it a good try but the seaweed grossed her out a bit.

Next time we will make a more kid friendly version just for her. Like this Sara Lee Deli Kid Sushi.

2 slices Sara Lee® Fresh Ideas™ pre-sliced Honey Ham
2 strips Sara Lee® Swiss Cheese, thinly sliced, cut 2” x ¼"
2 slices Sara Lee® Soft and Smooth™ Made with Whole Grain White Bread
1 teaspoon ranch dressing
1 tablespoon thinly shredded carrots
2 sweet baby pickles

Place two slices of white bread with the crusts cut off on a flat surface side-by-side. Using a rolling pin, or glass, gently flatten and fuse the bread slices together. Spread the ranch dressing over the inside middle of the flat bread slices. Place two slices of the ham on top of the ranch dressing. Place the shredded carrots and Swiss cheese on top of the ham. Place the two pickles horizontally and end-to-end at the bread edge closest to you. Starting at the bottom, roll the bread upwards to make a tight cigar-shaped roll. Using a bread knife, cut the roll into sushi-sized pieces approx one inch in length.

Option: Serve on a bed of mixed field greens with chop sticks and extra ranch dressing for dipping.



Recycled Glass Pendant Necklaces

I am so very please to share with you the fantastic work of my friend Wendelyne's line of recycled glass pendant necklaces! Each is a beautiful work of art that I cannot take my eyes off of.
Each is a one of a kind (OOAK) piece of art work that hangs beautifully and reflect the light in an ever so subtle way. Plus they are made from recycled glass! Each piece has a secret message of encouragement stamped on the back.
More to come...I have 23 to list so get em while you can!


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