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A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Six weeks' worth of squares in a variety of shades can accommodate several schedules. The entire wall is also coated with chalkboard paint for more memos. Start with a base coat of store-bought black chalkboard paint, and then mix in varying amounts of white chalkboard paint for lighter squares.
Wall Calendar: How-To
We chose 4 shades of paint to make our calendar. You can use as few as 2 shades for a checkerboard pattern.

1. Paint entire wall with store-bought black chalkboard paint (A); let dry for 1 to 2 hours.

2. Mark the perimeter of the calendar with a pencil (to accommodate 8-inch squares, ours measured 48 inches high by 56 inches across).
3. Using painters' tape, mark off the B squares according to the diagram below.

4. Make B paint by mixing 4 parts black chalkboard paint with 1 part homemade white chalkboard paint. Paint B squares. Remove tape. Let dry about an hour.

5. Repeat process for C and D squares using the proportions pictured above.
(For an extra touch, try using magnetic chalkboard paint.)
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