Not Your Average Trash to Treasure

In case you have not noticed yet, I am a furniture junkie. I love modern designs. Clean lines with organic materials are my favorites. I also have a thing for turning trash into beautiful one of a kind pieces. Giving new life to items that have been discarded. In my ideal home I envision the 2 styles living together in harmony.
Last week I was snooping around Craigslist just for the fun of it. I was looking at the free stuff to see what people were desperate to get rid of and I came across a sofa that looked exactly like the first one picture below and I immediately thought of the white one that is picture right after it. With the help of an upholstery shop or even by taking an evening class for just a few bucks you could totally custom reupholstered some junkie furniture in a more non-traditional way to have your own one of a kind style. How very modern...

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