Make A Great Patio Rug

We've all seen them, those wannabe-real grass mats. Have you considered designing your own template, tracing it on the back of that astro turf you find at the big hardware store, and cutting your way to a new look?

Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen has a template on their website (.pdf) that you can download, enlarge, and use to create a fresh take on an otherwise boring rug. You can also try animal shapes, from a bunny to a dog, or even insects, like a butterfly. The directions here are in Dutch but here is a neat site that translates for you. www.babelfish.altavista.com/tr
this is what they translated ("grass moquette buys you of the role, is cut super-simple or cuts and frays. An ideal material therefore for decorative applications. The pattern of this floor mat to see you on this page. Copy it and increased from, leg on the grass moquette, snij from and you floor mat around is. Still what grass? Leg it on such a metal shoe rack and you has a matching functional accessory.")
Weird huh? But I don't think you need too many instructions on this one, just jump in with your scissors and have fun!


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