A Couple of Neat Ideas

How sweet are these wonderful sails on these little sailboats? I would love to put my favorite fabrics on sailboats for a summer race on my private lake......as if! A girl can dream tho.

These pillows are a terrific replacement for the old standby husband pillow. I bet this could be made in about an hour easily. Just sew one side one way and the other the opposite way, (like those lemon ice things you get from the market. mmmmmm i can just taste it now..... ) I plan to make a few of these for my bed and for my kiddo's room. In fact- now that I think of it, I do have a few extra bed pillows floating around. I could just do this by snipping open one end and resewing it in the opposite direction and do the same with a pillow case or make a new cover for it using one yard of fabric. hhhmmmm....be back in an hour!


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