My one true weakness is fabric. I love to buy fabric! Love love love! I think it all stems from my other life as a pet groomer. I used to buy huge piles of fabric and then cut them into triangles with pinking shears for bandannas. That either started my addiction or it simply fueled an already existing weakness. I really do not sew though. I wish I was better at it but I'm not.
I am nuts about the upholstered pieces from Squint. My home decor style is very mid century modern and clean. Not much clutter but I owe that to the fact that we have a tot with grabby hands. I don't think Mr. Hubby would let me do something like this to one of our treasured pieces but I do think I can pull something like this off in the tots room. She is in need of a big squishy lounge and some new curtains. I picked up this pattern last month for a buck, that might work. Or a few days ago whilst shopping with my sister we came across a large pumpkin shaped pillow and both agreed that the tot needed that. It was a bit out of my price range though. So I brain stormed a bit and found a tutorial at Whipup for a pumpkin shaped pin cushion. If I blow that up I could have the exact same pillow for a few bucks. Either way, both cushions would look fab in a crazy patchwork.


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