Tube Vase

This tube vase looks really cool and is definitely something that can be done using recycled materials. How many of you have some sort of old laundry sorter sitting in your basement or garage? I have a few cylindrical vases from Easter gifties that would do the job, or you could even make and acrylic version using sheets of plexi glass and acrylic adhesive then cut you tubing to fit inside the vase. You may need to glue the tubes in at the bottom using a waterproof adhesive. I think this would be so lovely with Tulips in it!


Leonardus Adi Prasetya,  7:06 PM  

Erica.. My name is Leo, from Indonesia. Was trying to find idea to make a wacky shoe rack for my innovation program when I stumbled into ur blog. Wah, how I love your craft works, the knitting and all the stuff you put in ur blog. ^^

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