I love what your wearing, where did you get it?

In case you have not noticed Popgloss yet, go check it out. Its a really cool site that I manage daily. Its full of fashion ideas and here are a few DIY ideas from it.

Here is a great tutorial for making these lovely lace earrings.

Mirror mirror on the, err, on my neck. Who's the fairest one of all? I kinda like this silly little necklace. It has both a modern feel and a Victorian feel. This could easily be duplicated using those disc mirrors that you find at the craft store glued to just about any old crappy necklace using the right glue.

Here a a pattern for a knitted ladder scarf. If you don't knit and you still want this oh so cool look, just pick up a couple of yards of white fleece and cut it to a size that you like. Then every other inch cut a line into it about an inch from each side.
I think this would be very easy to use by using a 4x4 scrap of wood, a scroll saw or one of those big drill bits used to cut holes for dead bolt locks. Put a nice smooth finish on it and vwolla!

This is Mari Santos. She does one of the best T shirt hacks I've seen in a long time. Her site is very inspiring and has made me pull out my copy of Generation T to try to hack a few shirts of my own.


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