Tee Many Martoonies

We had a great weekend! Look at a couple of the neat things we found at the flea market. This fantastic Lanco watch. I think Mr Hubby is offended that I don't wear a "time piece" When he saw this one he quickly plunked down a wod of cash because he knew that I would love it. And get a load of that Samsonite pink briefcase with the awesome lining! Couldn't you just see some sexy secretary in a high waisted pencil skirt showing up to work with that back in the day?
We also found this clever little Mirage Bowl at the flea market. You put something inside it, then put the lid on it and then the objects actually looks like it is floating above it! It's cool as hell!
Afterwards we went to a favorites restaurant on the beach for mango martinis and big fat juicy burgers. Then a stroll down main street before jetting off to the boat for of afternoon of boating. The sea was angry yesterday but it was a blast!
It's amazing how a kid free day can make you feel like...well, it was just a nice day and I will leave it at that.


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