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This certainly is not a new idea but I just thought that while we were on the subject of the bedroom I thought I would show you this idea as well. I don't want to make you feel foolish by having to explain this to you but after all, that is the nature of this blog, to show you how "anything they can do we can do better"!
Simply take 3 lampshades and cover them with whatever fabric your hearts content. Then glue them together, one right side up then next is upside down them again right side up, ect. Use a glue gun to attach them to each other. If you need lamp shades you can pick them up for a steal at any thrift store, yard sale or even new at just about any large suburb. Use a spray adhesive (again, any large suburb store). Now here is the part that you thought you may have needed an electrician for- pick up a very basic lamp from Ikea or a thrift store (is where I found one) You may even already have one. Or for a hanging light, pick up one of these nifty light kits from Ikea, Pier 1 or Cost Plus World Market. Then just attach the shades to said lamp using either their directions or your own 2 cents.


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