Feather Your Nest For Cheap Cheap

Amy Turn Sharp of doobley-vay and la maitresse de maison wrote an amazing article about the many ways to feather your nest on the cheap. That's something that is right up our alley! She talks about ways to get inspiration as well as ways to save your money and still have a super cool designer look. I don't know about you but I always get stir crazy in the fall and want to redecorate everything! I think its because we are stuck indoors for so many months and our homes so everything needs to feel just right.
There are a few things that I love about Amy's article. One is that it's as if she has been following me around town behind my back, watching me shop. Two- she gave props to my wee little Fancy Schmancy blog! And three- she is an Ohio gal and from a formal Ohio-ian to another, Cheers! And Thank you!
Check out the article here at The Columbus Independent
Check out Amy's blogs here and here


Amy Turn Sharp 2:11 PM  

thanks sweet gal! :) Keep bringing us wonderful ideas and inspiration- long live schmancy!

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