Sumptuous Chandelier

How many times do we get stuck with an old ugly brass light fixture when we rent or are first time home owners? This is a very sumptuous way to dress up an ugly chandelier. I can't tell what type of fabric this is but I think a nice rich dark velvet would be gorgeous. Simply make casing's that are a bit wider and a bit longer than the arms of your chandelier. I would just try to find a fire retardant material to use. As for figuring out how to make yours look like this one you will have to somewhat take the lamps apart making it easy to slip your casing onto the chandelier. On the lamp shades you could just spray with a spray adhesive and then loosely drape your material around it.


Amy Turn Sharp 6:31 AM  

wow. I would have never have thought about that...I have a v.v. ugly brass chandy in foyer,,,ugh, I will probably not be so handy- but thinking abou it is cool.

Horus 9:04 AM  

Velvet definitely work...or maybe chenille?

Horus 9:13 AM  

Velvet definitely works...or maybe chenille?

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