This is after all my digital scrapbook right?

My sister Stephanie instant messaged me last night to tell me that she was checking my friend Carrie's Myspace to see if she had had her baby yet. Carrie and I used be be really tight but we both got married and I moved to California and she moved to the upper parts of Ohio. We were from Cincinnati. We talk prolly about once a month now. This was part of her Myspace post from yesterday-

"People are SO NICE to pregnant women - ESPECIALLY other women. Pre-pregnancy, I often felt uncomfortable with women. I prefer the company of men. I have some great female friends, but they were hard to find and overall, I get along with men better. Women can be a bit, well, competitive and threatened by other women. Now, I know I am generalizing. Many women are not this way - but I've dealt with enough that are this way to make me a little uncomfortable (sometimes) in a room full of women.

As an example, I have a friend who is completely beautiful. She was a 6 feet tall, 120 lbs (size 4), blonde haired and blue-eyed, fair-skinned German goddess. She modeled and stood out in a crowd. She was outgoing, once she felt comfortable, but shy at first. As a child she was awkward and picked on. She dropped out of high school and had a difficult family situation. Although she faced challenges, she worked hard to do something meaningful with her life. She was into fashion and could wear anything and look amazing. When we went out we got LOTS of attention. I didn't mind that people were so intrigued with her. We made a great team. We watched each other's back, drank heavily, and got in free and never waited in any lines or paid for anything. I was in sales and had a great life (owned a cute little house, had great friends, dated a lot, and made a decent living) and she owned her own business and was happy and successful. We were secure, happy, and fun to be around. My poor friend had to endure so many nasty comments and women wanting to beat her up. No kidding. Literally, we would be drinking and having fun and some young woman would come up to my friend and spill her drink on her and laugh. Or, maybe call her a bitch and tell her to leave - for no reason - except she was pretty, happy, and getting attention. How does a physically attractive woman who stands out (literally - 6 feet tall), who is an attractive person on the inside, NOT stand out and attract others? It's sad to me that a person could feel so insecure that she would become angry with someone like my friend. Sad, indeed. Personally, I'd RATHER be surrounded by a hot entourage of fabulous, fun, and happy female friends. It's more fun for me. My friend moved away and is married with a little girl now. She and her husband started a 'Green' business on the west coast and are enjoying their personal and financial success. She is one of the best friends I've ever had because she is genuinely a great person. She would defend me and protect me and is always there. Too bad people couldn't see past her beauty. So many people make assumptions - based on appearances. People often assumed that she was full of herself, snotty, not smart, shallow, or just another pretty female."

Awwwwe shux, I'm blushing all over again. I reckon I otta send her sum flurs.


Amy Turn Sharp 4:03 PM  

you gotta love yr girls in yr life that know. She sounds just as fab as you.

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