Its That Time Of Year Again

Time to start planning your Spring cleaning! I have put together a few of my favorite storage ideas to help you out. Just click on the photos for the product page.

Pants racks like this are great for hanging swatches of fabric in your sewing room, towels in a restroom and even magazines. I purchased mine at Ikea in stainless steel but I cannot find the link.

These boxes look great and are super cheap. perfect for all your tiny storage needs.

I really love these clear boxes from Ikea. They are perfect project boxes. I also use them for toy storage and in my pantry for all of those bags of dried fruit and nuts.

This cart is (and probably will always be) on my wish list. It cost about $3,000 but is the perfect craft cart!
I have always thought this idea was neat to look at but a bit unpractical. The only real use that I have come up with is for sorting your fabric scraps or linen napkins perhaps in the dinning room or make-up and brushes in teh bathroom. It is a very similar idea to this one.

This thing happens to be one of my favorite storage tricks. You can hang these on the back of any door and the fact that its clear allows you to see the contents of whats inside. I have used then for make-up in the bathroom, craft supplies, pantry items, toys in the kids room, sorting all of my back up party supplies and utensils and even tools in the garage.


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