Sanity Breakfast Chardonnay

ZGallerie is now selling skull wine bottles. The silly part is that you can buy them empty for $32.95 or full for $65.00! My first thought was -why the heck wouldn't you just print off your own skull picture and glue it on your own dang empty bottle? Or better yet- stick it on some 2 Buck Chuck! Anyone one with a brain can figure out how to use their computer and printer to make such a label. Then today I found this great little site (thanks to JCaroline) It allows you to make your own wine labels for free!

So now us folks with only half a brain can make own own skully vino. (but I like the one posted on her blog better now)

Also at JCaroline is a fantastic tutorial for making these great fabric bins. I have been searching and searching for such a tute so that I can make replacement boxes for my kids toy storage thingy.


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