"Primitive, handmade kitchen chairs – circa 1900 - have been reworked and woven with recycled men's ties." by Alabama Chanin
I have a concrete pad in the corner of my back yard that once held a shed. There are many things that I can do with it....a jacuzzi is on top of my list but since we rent and have no idea if we will stay here for a year or 10 years we hesitate to get one, and likewise with a greenhouse. So here is my thought- I have my friends diningroom set sitting in my garage. I have been trying to sell it for them but with no luck. Do you see where this is going? I could get a bunch of old ties and do what Alabama Chanin did to the above chairs and also cut a hole in the table and add a big rectangular umbrella and make a gypsy style outdoor diningroom! I wonder if Mr. Hubby will go for it?



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