I Hate the Hyatt

Here are some shots from our room for the Long Beach Grand Prix. We stayed at the Hyatt. We paid a gazillion dollars for it 6 months ago. When my husband went there to make the reservations they told him that we can get up to 6 people in with all access to the races including a bar on the 16th floor. Not true! They told us that there would be a special buffet on the roof that cost $180 per person. They neglected to tell him that you still had to buy a general admission pass along with that.

They tried to charge us a $15.00 per bottle corkage fee for the bottles of wine that were trying to bring in! We didn't even pay that much for the stinkin wine.

The security bullied us when we tried to use a cart to move our luggage and insisted that by law we have to use a bell-hop. WTF? My 2 year old daughter was sitting on the cart and one of the security guys tried to physically move her off of it saying that their insurance didn't cover children on the carts. I had to demand him to remove his hands from my child. And then a bell-hop flew by pushing a cart at top speed with 2 children on top of the huge pile of luggage! At that point we wanted nothing to do with any of the staff there, let alone having to tip them and their nasty attitudes.

It just really felt like we could not take 3 steps without being told what we can and can't do or charged for something else that we thought was included in the original cost. The whole thing was so poorly planned and very ungracious.

The view was nice and it was super cool seeing the races from that perspective.

It is kinda hard to get a snapshot of a car that is moving 220 mph.
We were there with a few of our European friend who thought it was cool seeing all the white trash everywhere. Ha! I actually didn't feel like there was any white trash there but that might just be my Ohio/Kentucky roots talking.....


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