The Most Disturbing Teddy Bear

This one is for Lisa who found this image of the teddy taking off it's fur suit to be "Yeech" as she put it. HA! I just found this free teddy bear pattern that I will definitely be altering to make the above, let's call it, a dress-me-up-bear. Sound better?


lsaspacey 8:32 PM  


Can't wait to see your version. Are you going to make it creepy like that one or fun?

erika 10:27 PM  

Oooo, I think I can one up this one fo sho! Lest we no forget I am a master pet groomer, so I think I can carve a nasty expression in it's face.
OMG-I am actually excited by your "challenge". Gimme some time tho, we are moving our boat this weekend so I will be supper busy.

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