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Here are a few things that I found over at www.Publiqueliving.com that I find so inspiring.
I just bought a really pretty fur coat at Goodwill. I am kinda afraid to wear it since we are in the green building industry people expect us to be vegans too but I love meat. I was raised on a pure German diet.
I do think its pretty sad to kill an animal just for it's fur only to end up at Goodwill. I really felt like I needed to rescue that coat, but I do live in So Cal so the chances of actually wearing it is slim. Maybe I will make some new pillows for my sofa with it like the ones above.....
I love love love this and am definitely going to make these for my home!

These trays are just made from veneer. A couple snips on each end with a glob of glue and you have a modern and natural centerpiece or even use it as a gift basket to give to your neighbor a banana bread after your 2 year old had a temper tantrum in their front yard this morning.
You could even finish them with salad bowl oil and then actually serve food on them.


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