I'm having a hard time waking up today so I thought I would post some bedroom ideas.

While snooping around Vitamin D Shop I found this bed. I find the cover to be really inspiring. It is such a simple idea and yet it makes a huge statement. You could make our own so easily using other blankets in your home. Yours doesn't have to be so minimal. You could do one side patchwork and the other side a solid. The possibilities are endless!
But get this- thats not what they are selling here! They are selling the cork headboard that is nothing more than a stenciled roll of cork drawer liner. I think you could just roll it out on the lawn, toss some leaves across it (more leaves on one side) and spray paint over them to have a similar effect.
I love this giant wall decal. Perfect for the modern day knitter. And that vintage looking orange quilt is so yummy. I'm a huge fan of orange! And brown. And robins egg blue. And any green except that 80's forest green.
This paint technique really appeals to me. I once painted my shop walls using left over paint and a 2 inch paint brush. I had an artist friend paint a mural on one of the walls and after watching her paint for a month I used the left over paints to paint the rest of the shop. I had about 5 pints worth of reds yellows and oranges that were given to me by friends. The end result was stunning. It was so warm and so rich that I actually did nothing to the walls for 5 years (which is a record for me). These walls in particular remind me of charcoal drawings.

I love love love the 2 headboards bellow. My husband and I are already trying to figure out how to make the first one. We have been contemplating getting a CNC machine so this just gives us one more reason to get one.
The second one looks super easy to make. Just make a simple frame and weave wide strips of fabric or leather over it.

This is such a cool way to make a bed?


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