Chalkboard Lampshade

My husband and I made lampshades for a couple of lamps that we found at Goodwill a few years ago. We used the bamboo veneer that we sell. They are so cool! I will snap a shot of them later. My kid is asleep in our bed right now.
We bought the wire rings and self sticking backing paper (safety first!) online. I have seen shades at thrift stores that I thought would be great for transforming as well. The trick to a modern lampshade is that it is cylindrical. The top ring and the bottom ring should be the same circumference.
I like this chalkboard shade alot. I think it would be a great little craft room lamp or kids room lamp. Or even in a modern country kitchen. Or as a pendant lamp over your kitchen island or craft area!
I purchased a few yards of chalkboard fabric from Tall Mouse a few months ago (maybe a year ;) Lookit- I come up on the Google search for chalkboard fabric! I think I may have to chalk-it-up somewhere soon.

update- here is our lamp. Pretty huh?

I also really like this lamp.


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