Tisket a tasket a black and yellow basket

This weekend was our neighborhood yardsale. We didn't sell because we wanted to shop instead. We set out early with our rickety cart that we bought for a quarter 3 years ago at a rummage sale. The first house we went to I scored a huge box of craft paints and stamps for $3.00! There must be 200 bottles of paint. Most are not even opened. I set the box in my cart and started to take off when snap! A tire busted off. Good thing were were 2 houses away from home. We dropped the goods off and went to the next house where low and behold they were selling this black cart for $5.00. I decided to make a lining for it since that was something I had always wanted to do to my other cart but never did. I whipped this one up in about 2 hours last night using an old shower curtain and the curtains that I just replaced in my kid's room. Pretty cute huh? It's so 70"s chic' now. It also goes well with the yellow garden cart that we schlep the kid around when we hit the flea markets.

Ooooooo nice roomy pocket inside......


amy t sharp 5:30 PM  

lucky ducky!!!!!!!

Rochelle R. 12:49 AM  

Nice work, looks great. I had a wheel break off a cart leaving a swapmeet. What a mess dragging that to the car. I haven't been able to find a new cart to buy. Wonder if they still make them.

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