Mason Jar Lights

This was a great little lighting idea that I got to try this weekend. We had some friends over and I needed some soft lighting on the patio. We usually light a fire but it seemed a bit to warm, (plus one of the gals would not appreciate having to wash the smoke out of her hair.) So I made hurricane lamps using my Ball jar stash, sand from my kid's sandbox and tealights. Easy Peesy! I placed 12 of them all over the place and it was perfect!
photo via Pottery Barn ( I suck at photography)


toontz 10:33 AM  

Just found your blog...love it! I just made some of these (did not turn out as nice as those in the photo, though) I might have to do them over now! lol

amy t sharp 10:53 AM  

perfect- love them!!

Bridget B. 1:46 PM  

these are really lovely . . . they make me think of luminaria, but sort of a deep south version . . . I may need to make some!

Anonymous,  8:25 PM  

These are amazing. I love ocean decor and have been thinking of ways to display my beach glass. These are great I can't wait to make them.

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