We had a very productive weekend. 2 weeks ago we had a fairly successful yardsale. This weekend we cleaned the heck out of the garage. We loaded up the van with the leftovers from the yardsale and took it all to Goodwill. I sold my table and gave away a brand new, never used twin boxspring. It was really amazing to see how difficult it was to give something away rather than sell it. The table went fast but the boxspring was here until last night despite dozens of emails and phone calls regarding it. Regardless- we now have a spiffy new garage. We unearthed the workout equipment and made tons of room for a workshop of some sort. Mr Hubby wants to start melting metal into jewelry and I want to play around with wood and perhaps some welding. Oooo and we are going to San Fransisco next weekend so I am going to go to Dharma Trading Company to get some screen printing supplies!

We also managed to fit in some flea market and thrift store time. Out with the old in with the new! I scored a few blank canvases and frames and 2 fantastic pieces of art for just a few dollars. Also- a really cool green suede Isabella Fiore purse for $35.00!

Today I am planning to make a play mat for Sophie's Woody click dollhouse. I don't think I will be able to fully document the process because I am not really sure what I will be doing. I am such an armature seamstress...but I will take some photo's. Wish me luck!


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