Our router crapped out on us on Friday afternoon so we have been without internet since then. You have no idea how debilitated this household was! Apparently we count on it way more than we ever imagined. I found myself thinking quite often "I'm going to go look for this." "let me check on that." I had 4 whole day computer free. Also- music free and printer free. Yikes! I thought I would use the time to brush up on Photoshop and Illustrator but that isn't much fun without a printer.
So, needless to say, my house is now quite clean out of lack of anything else to do to fill the void. Sophie and I got some good crafty time in. We made art and clothes pin dolls. My advice on the dolls is to not attempt to do it after substituting breakfast for 2 cups of coffee. Shakey hands!
I found some really nice bamboo towels at Tuesday Morning so I made Sophie some fun hand puppets from the old towels to wash herself with.


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