I should be a spokes-model for Goodwill

It never fails, I go to Goodwill to drop off a bag of old clothes and walk out with a whole van full of stuff!

Can you believe someone just gave away this beautiful embroidered tablecloth? It makes for a beautiful tea party doesn't it?

Since I was cleaning her room I finally hung her Eeboo Alphabet Cards that I bought about 2 years ago.

$20.00 for this table!

$2-3.00 each on these beautiful books. Fairies, trolls, giants, gnomes and bad faeries. How can you pass them up? I also got a few frames, lots of cardstock and note cards, 3 new shoes for the kid along with some great toys. Dam I love my local Goodwill. I don't think the hipsters (as Amy puts it) know about this one.


lizap 5:23 PM  

I love the tablecloth!

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