I have been trying to grow my hair out for some time now. I am almost over "the hump". When it is long and gorgeous I think I will do things like this to it. This is just beautiful don't you think?
This butterfly mask was found at Style Bubble. It would be an awesome addition to any party dress or perhaps a whimsical Halloween outfit.

The butterflies below are from the before mentioned Dover clip art. They can be printed out and used how ever you please.
The street map butterflies were found at Image Surgery.
These butterflies are part of Paul Villinski beer can art.
Learn how to make this butterfly here.

Beautiful wood and acrylic butterfly hanger. Here.

Luly Wang dress.

Buy fake butterflies here.


Rochelle R. 12:59 AM  

I have long hair that I wear in a side braid and a bunch of butterfly clips. I don't usually wear them. Duh, never thought of clipping them low on the braid. Thanks for the idea.

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