My Sling Chair Project

I purchased this chair almost 3 years ago from a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I like the lines of it and thought it would be fun to reupholster and redo the wood. It has been sitting (and smelling up) our warehouse ever since. So Friday I decided to actually do something with it. I started to pull all the staples out, I got halfway through when Mr. Hubby came home and relieved my sore hands by finishing the job.

Today I spent the afternoon ripping all of the seems out, pulling the foam out and marking each piece so that I can make a pattern out of it later. Now here is my dilemma- I was just going to use some fabric from my stash. I have a nice upholstery weight that I paid $2.00 a yard (below) for that will go great with my decor. Oooooooorrrrrr, Mr. Hubby thinks that if I am going to do the nasty task of reupholstering the dang chair that I should at least do it in leather to really make it look nice. My sewing skills are not very good so I am afraid of using and possibly ruining a hide but I have snooped around the internet for advice and seem to be finding great stuff (here). I'm also not sure if my Brother sewing machine will hold up to the task. I do have leather needles and a walking foot tho..... anyone have an opinion or advice for me?


Axxman 6:29 AM  

The Nail Jack will solve the hurt! For staples, it's the Nail Hunter!


hampton 2:49 PM  

i vote for the leather, i think that chair was made for it!

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