Row Row Row Your Boat

I don't know if any of you out there are into boats the way Mr Hubby and I are. Or if you even give a crap that we are! I just wanted to add this boat to my blog since this is basically my journal. We went to a boat show this past weekend and I mentioned to Brian that I thought black hulled boats with champagne leather interiors was sexy. As it turned out we, we found ourselves really liking this boat for completely other reasons.

The Marquis is so much more modern than most other boats and this one is actually quite roomy for being so small. The interior snapshots that I found on their site are pretty ugly (that red and white captains seat, blarg).
Notice the ceiling tho- it is a sliding hardtop. Like a big version of the ones in cars. Pretty cool!
Also- it is made in the U.S. so we could easily customize it with our own products.


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