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In our house we toss all the phone books in a cabinet just inside the door never to be seen again. At least not until the next round of phone books are tossed on our stoop that is. We use the internet to find everything. Afroditi Krassa has given new life to what is now a senseless waste of paper. I think anyone could do this by simply tearing out a section of the phone book, roll it and fasten it with an old bracelet, duct tape or perhaps an old belt or dog collar. ( or maybe some of those cool napkin rings from my Etsy shop.)
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lsaspacey 1:42 PM  

Where do you find these cool things!? I really like this one.

Our apartment building deposits phonebooks for every tenant in the lobby for us whether we want one or not. It takes months for someone to finally throw them out. Perhaps I'll take one of the white page ones next time to save it from the landfill.

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