This is what I have been up to the past couple of days

Yesterday Sophie and I made this funny bunny. I was going to print a picture of her step brother onto iron on paper and use that as the bunny's face but my laser printer did not want me sticking my big stupid ink jet paper into it. So I just drew the face on. Looks like she had a few cocktails.
Also- we have quite a few old people in our neighborhood so we get some nice estate sale every now and then. I scored this cool handmade leather and canvas bag for $6.00! You can't really tell but its huge too.
I have also been scouring the internet for a vacation for the holiday season and am not finding anything worth going too. I thought maybe we could rent a house in Lake Tahoe or Hawaii and have our friends come and go but all of the houses are so damn ugly! You can't even pretend that it will be charming and rustic.


Queen Mommy 1:14 PM  

The bunny is too cute, you could etsy them with different faces on them...

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