If you haven't got a penny a ha' penny will do

This past Sunday we were looking for something to do. After a few suggestion that sparked no interest I suggested that we go to the L.A. Farmers Market to look for rabbit pelts for Christmas decorating. (last time i was there they had them for $5.00 each and i kinda want to do a whole nordic themed christmas, but don't worry, they were fresh out of them so i will settle for faux fur)
Anywho- Sophie spotted a toy that she really wanted. This Ariel dress-up thingy. The seller had a $30.00 tag on it which I thought was unreasonable. I guess just because it's Disney they think it's a precious heirloom or something. I think not. We did our best to explain that when we get home we would try to find it cheaper online and then the mailman will bring it to her. "Oh Boy!" And we did. $13.00! I always check Amazon's used section for everything first. Usually someone is selling the exact thing that you want for pennies on the dollar and most of the time it is brand new. A huge plus in today's ecconomic market! The downer is that you cannot combine shipping charges, but if you can find the book you want being sold for a penny then the $3.99 shipping is worth it. Keep in mind th0- if you are buying used books they often use the media service thru the US Post Office and it will take up to 2 weeks to get to you, so no last minute gifts that way.
I will try my best to bring you inexpensive holiday shopping tips as I fumble through the internet in the hopes of avoiding the malls and mega stores.
*ha' penny- a half penny. British.


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