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I just came from a little Christmas shopping. Not for presents but rather inspiration for my holiday decor. I went to 5 different stores and blarg blarg triple blarg! Everything was so traditional or Victorian. I have been living in southern California for 4 years now and the idea of having snowmen and Santa Claus statues dressed in layers of wool and pine flocked with fake snow does not sound appealing to me. I want fresh and modern and hip but still rich and warm and shiny, (and not brake the bank.)
So what do I do? Come back home. Brew some chai tea, do some Thai Chi, then get to work scouring the interweb to find some real inspiration!
I think this $234.00 (wtf?) snowflake is so DIY-able just by gluing some cheapy ornaments together to form a snowflake. A great indoor or outdoor piece, or use it in place of a wreath.
These cards look sweet and minimal (and easy) to make.

I have seen mercury balls like this sell for hundreds of dollars. Pottery Barn is selling them for $19.99 and $39.99

I really love this moss garland....
And Martha is showing us how to make a moss wreath!

I would love to hear some of your ideas and perhaps see some of your photo's. I'll make it interesting and send my favorite submission one of my owl prints. Keep it or gift.


Queen Mommy 7:14 AM  

I LoVe the shoes, Lilly would be so freaking cute in them...

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