Sophie and I decided to make our Christmas gifts for a couple of her friends that live around the corner from us. I don't know if they will appreciate them or not but we had fun in the process.

I was inspired by the robot guys from the Etsy shop Anatomy Of A Skirt. This was my first ever attempt at sewing in a zipper. I found some helpful video how to's over here.
After I finished making the robot box/bag I felt like he needed something inside, like a little guy that represents the inside makings of a robot. I found some great material in my stash. The blue fabric has gears and machine parts all over it. The other fabrics have geometric designs.

I think they are pretty darn cute but man oh man look at that disaster of a sewing room now! I just want to leave the house now and worry about cleaning it up tomorrow.Anyone up for some fajitas and margaritas?


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