Taking time to wrap gifts well is such an important part of gift giving.

Nice paper, neat wrapping and a few personal touches go a long way and turn even the most simple of gifts into spectacular.

It is easy to get carried away in the gift wrapping isles but this year why not try to incorporate recycled/reused items from around the house. It can save you big bucks as well as cutting down the millions of tons of holiday waste. Many times just by adding a final touch you have also added yet another gift.

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Video tape ribbon, love it!


Rochelle R. 11:25 PM  

I wish I had one of those bow making gizmos so I could try the recycled magazine bows. I saw them on another blog also and they are really neat. Have a Merry Christmas!

Phoebe 11:25 AM  

Awesome! As soon as I read this post, I took a catalog that I had just thrown in the garbage and made one of those bows while sitting at my desk at work. No gizmo needed just tape and staples!

Erika 11:43 AM  

Phoebe- you should do a tu-tor-i-alllllll!
( when I was typing that I was totally singing it in my head like a big queen)

Phoebe 12:20 PM  

I'm always doing the big-queen-word-sing. It reminds me of Oprah announcing a guest.

The bows are easy enough. I just kept referencing that Etsy listing. I just cut a catalog cover into strips (didn't even measure them) and cut those in half lengthwise. Then made loops a la the AIDS awareness ribbons. If you fold the tails over, you don't even have to tape them. Just make sure you have the loops with the right side up-reference the Etsy listing. Then just make the base out of 5 of them to where it looks like a star. Stapled in the center. Repeat and staple to the base with the points of the second star between the points of the first star. Repeat and this 3rd layer will be forced to point up a bit because of the other two layers. For the center, I just used the last two strips to make two rings with one inside the other crosswise. I had to tape the center down because my stapler was too big to staple it. Does this make sense? I'm at work so I used what I had at my disposal. If I had my camera, I'd do a quickie tutorial. Alas, I've only got my crappy cell camera.

Erika 12:23 PM  

Oprah announcing a guest! That was it spot on! LOL

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