I have just spent the majority of my day placing ads on Craigslist. My husband and I have decided to use a third party logistics company to store and ship our products. So what does that mean you say? It means that we get to move out of out humongo 15,000 sq ft warehouse and into a swanky new office over looking the marina or ocean or something. That also means that we have alot of stuff to sell. Stuff that was left there when we moved in. Stuff that we have been using and stuff that we have just been storing in the loaf and back offices this whole time.
After posting them to Craigslist I then posted them to Wists so that I could make a cool little widget for my sidebar. I know it is all a bit industrial but give it a look see anyway. I will be adding many many items over the next couple of months (even some household items too).


Phoebe 8:19 AM  

Dang, I wish I lived closer! I want that sofa. Color me disappointed.

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