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Isn't that pretty? I so want to live there now. The trip did not go so well tho. The first night, the entire island had a blackout. We had just gone up to our room (on the 19th floor) when it happened so we were lucky to not have to walk all those stairs. All I thought about all night was that something was happening because Obama was there. By 7am the power was back on in the hotel.
Then Mr. Hubby got sick. I mean SICK! Totally bed ridden the whole time. Poor guy. I took Sophie out a lot to get out of his hair. I found a Japanese craft and bookstore and scored some terrific sewing books. I love their photography style and plan to use a similar style on my book. (Didn't know I was writing a book did ya? Stay tuned....) We also got the cutest dollhouse accessories. I had no idea what I was buying. Sophie just ran up to me holding three little bright colored boxes and said "Toys!" they were only $4 each so I bought em and they turned out to be so gosh darn cute that I am sorry that we didn't buy them all. Another reason to move there.
They were made by Re-Ment. So far I am just finding them on Ebay. As far as the books go- I can't really tell you who they are by or what their titles are because they are all in Japanese but if you ever get a chance to see Japanese craft books you are in for a treat.


Anonymous,  9:10 PM  

Do you mind sharing where that shop is located? I'm here on Oahu right now and would love to check it out! Just stumbled on your site by the way, and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

Erika 7:01 AM  

here ya go! -

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