I'm not feeling so good today. Yesterday my big sister Kim happened to be in town so we spent the day together. I haven't seen her in several years. At the end of our lunch, I had some really disturbing dizzy spell that I swear was a mild stroke. I am waaaaay to young for that shit. It felt like my right eye was just spinning round and round. Kim said I was googly eyed for a minute. Then I was dizzy and flush all over for another minute. When I took a drink of water it drooled out of my mouth. That all passed in a few minutes leaving me drained for several hours.
I'm off to the doctor to see if he can figure it out, which I doubt he can. And I'll bet you $100 that fucker makes me take a pregnancy test. He is so concerned with my sex life, the big perv.


Rua 2:00 PM  

Not to minimize (at all!!), but it could be an odd form of migraine. I went to Mayo with similar symptoms, etc. Turned out to be hemiplegic migraines. Good luck with this. Neurological issues are always scary. Big hugs.

toontz 6:31 PM  

My co-worker just got diagnosed with vertigo. Happened out of the blue, too. Glad you are getting it checked out though. Keep us posted.

lsaspacey 10:20 AM  

Take care of yourself. I hope it's nothing.

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