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For those of you living in Southern California- I thought I would share some of my favorite second hand shops with you. For those of you not living in So Cal, click here.
Now keep in mind that my favorites are the ones where I know I will find a bargain. I do not like going into secondhand stores where it is obvious that the owner just scours thrift stores and then marks up the price to sell it again to you. I like big dirty places that have quick turnarounds on their merchandise because the best way to find cool stuff at thrift stores is to go often. We map out errands by which thrift store we will be popping in on. And while I do still go to Goodwill I tend to not buy much from them as they seem to have turned into a "Target outlet store" so I will not be including them in this post.

When I first moved to California we lived in Oceanside for awhile so I will start there with DAV. We then moved up the coast to San Clemente where you will find Laura's House of Treasures and The Salvation Army , my 2 favorites down there. A little further up the Road you will find a St Vincent dePaul (not the best one tho) and a couple of others not worth mentioning.
Up the 405 to Laguna Hills you will find another St Vincent dePaul. My favorite I think. Loaded with junk! We bought an awesome mid century modern bedroom set for $125.00. A really nice Bulova clock for $1.00 and millions of other things. Close to there is a Salvation Army and a Goodwill.

Rags to Riches was a consignment store in Newport Beach that just changed into a thrift store and they rock! We actually spent a few hours in there when they first opened up.

It just occurred to me that I neglected to mention that while all of these store do sell clothing, I do not thrift shop for clothing. I do look at leather jackets, hand bags, wallets, belts and shoes and have found some real gems hiding in there but when it comes to clothing the only direction I can give you is 4th St in Long Beach. You can make an afternoon of the 2 blocks of vintage clothing and furniture stores and 2 nice thrift stores. While you are there you have to get some noodles from number nine.

I didn't think we were allowed to use that word any longer....

In the Long Beach area we have a few worth mentioning. South Street Thrift Store is a good one. There is a thrift store next to the Zion Market in Hawaiian Garden who's name escapes me. Salvation Army in Anaheim almost always does half price on Saturdays. There is also a Salvation Army in Long Beach We scored a Saarinen table and chairs for $200 and and awesome arched lamp for $12 along with may other item.

That's about it for my favorite thrift stores but let us not forget the awesome flea markets in So Cal! Pasadena City College flea market on the first Sunday every month and free! Rose Bowl flea market is on the second Sunday every month, $8.00. Long Beach flea market- third Sunday of every month, $5.00. (coupon available on web site) The Santa Monica flea market- 1st and 3rd Saturday each month.

Now that I have shared my secret shopping places I think it is only fair that you tell me yours! I would love to find some new places and I am also dying to find some good estate sale sources and auction houses.


heidistitches 12:09 PM  

Thanks so much for this post. All it does is confirm that I don't get out much! I'm waiting for the weather to improve to hit the Japanese markets. If you haven't gone yet, I'll let you know how it goes.

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