Here are a few things I found today

I love these fabric soccer balls by Klas Ernflo. I have often thought about making my own version of them using a hexagon template.

Make your own button trays. Clever!
Swimmers Glasses set of 4 for $22

I like this room. Prolly cause it's clean. My house is still a disaster from the move.
Artist Environments- "From folk art environments to homes, artist environment builders blur the lines and push the boundaries of how we define art. Whether inside/outside the mainstream or inside/outside the gallery, the artists represented in the exhibition explore personal visions that speak to specific locales and histories. More specifically, Inside/Outside examines the artist environment builders who generally transform their homes, yards, or other aspects of their personal surroundings into multifaceted works of art that embody and express the locale—time, era, place—in which each of them live and work."
Has anyone heard of Small magazine? Looks neat. I wonder where I can find it....
Cute little bun buns would be so sweet for my twin niece and nephew for Easter.
This cozy castle by Vera Vera would be so sweet to have right now. Sophie is totally into princesses.


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