Raise your hand if you are financially fucked

Sophie and I made cupcakes today to mark the mood of the household. Gone are the days of comfort. Hi Ho, it's back to the struggle we go. Damn this fucking economy! Damn the banks for calling in our bank loans just because they need money! Is that even legal? Damn that runny icing!
We'll get through this tho, we have plenty of ideas in our noggins. How are you all holding up?


toontz 8:10 AM  

I have both hands raised, lol. My DH has been looking for a full time job for 3 years. Yes, you read that right...THREE years!! Ah, what can you do? Laugh about it, (because you would be crying all the time, otherwise) make cupcakes, keep your chin up.

jacklyn 8:34 AM  

i'm raising my hand...due to financial suckiness and wanting of cupcakes.

City Girl 12:48 PM  

I lost my mind and left my high-paying, crazy-high-stress job last week.

Taking a huge leap of faith and going to work with my Hub in our family business.

Employed? Yes.
Meaningful Income? Oh, hell no.
Looking for recipes involving beans and rice, to stretch a buck? Bring 'em on.

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