We had a busy weekend and I still have not recuperated. We took a ton of our household items to a local antique flea market. We did really well, but it was sssoooooo hot! I'm sure your may have heard about the Southern California heat wave we are having. 100 degrees for the past 2 days. I think by the end of the sale on Sunday we were all having mild heat strokes. For the past 2 days I have had a sore throat and sinus issues. Funny how the sun affects us sometimes....

Its also funny how unimportant our household item seem to us now that we have started "economizing" (as my husband puts it). I keep telling him that I am going to sell off everything so that one day he just looks around at our empty house and says "ok- now we can move to Hawaii."

After the flea market on Sunday we came home, blasted the air conditioner and cooked some amazing food including a chocolate pecan zucchini bundt cake. Instead of the 3 cups of zucchini the recipe calls for, ours had about 5 cups, making it that much healthier! We drizzled it with chocolate sauce too. Yum Yum!


lsaspacey 6:16 AM  

Yum. That cake must have been so moist with all that zucchini. Did you make the cake that much "healthier" JUST so you could drizzle it with chocolate sauce? ;)

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