Check out these amazing things I found this weekend! I bought them to resell but I am kinda diggin on them.....
This mid century modern bedroom set is in incredible condition! Perfect for a kids room in a mid century modern home.

Green, orange yellow and black. I see a theme. Those black dishes are Bauhaus Trend Pacific! A complete set for 4!

Mr Hubby and I also celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Saturday. We went to a place in Huntington Beach called Savannah. It is right on the beach, so you can sit and people watch or watch the ocean. We go there for their mango martinis. We also just happened to be there for happy hour, which meant our drinks were only $5, so were the appetizers and for a limited time, get this- 8 oz. filet mignon, halibat or king crab legs with mash potatoes and green beans for $10! And it was just as yummy as thier usual $40 filets. Yay for us for scoring a cheap date to celabrate our broke lives together.


Jessica 2:44 AM  

Spacify.com has one of the largest selections of Kids Beds on the web so check it out.

Phoebe 9:03 AM  

Seriously, how do you do it?! I scour our thrift stores and rarely come away with anything more than a pressing need for a shower. A whole mid-century bedroom set...man!!!

Wow, "Jessica" is right! They have a large selection of Kids Beds. Unfortunately, most people would need to sell a kid to buy one. Now I ask you, who in this economy pays 2K for a twin bed. I wouldn't even pay that for my house note.

Erika 6:39 AM  

I think that comment from "Jessica" might be spam. I changed my comment settings so that your comments would show up right away, but that makes it so that I can cannot edit them right away too.

Anonymous,  5:21 PM  

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