Imagine this if you will- move all of your bedroom stuff into your child's bedroom, then move your sewing room into the garage (freshly converted into an office), then move your child's room into the old sewing room, then turn your old bedroom into said child's playroom (thats where she spends all of her time anyway) (and demand that no toys shall leave that room! good luck with that huh?), then move new offices into your ex-gameroom making that whole "wing" of the house as the adult playroom.
Well, That is what we are going to do! And if all goes well Sophie will sleep in her own room, in her own bed (see above) that we bought for her last year when Bombay Company went out of business. We still have not put it together for fear that she will fall off of it, but I guess she can handle it now...


lsaspacey 11:16 AM  

What a lucky little girl! I love that bed too.

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