It seems as though I have found myself stuck in a ring of wedding blogs, and I love it!
This stunning photography is by Lisa Warninger. The dress by Elizabeth Dye. Embellishments by Twig and Honey. And styling by Chelsea Fuss of Frolic. What really caught my eye was the giant letter E (as in Erika). I happen to have a few giant antique cross stitch hoops but I have no talent for cross stitching. This looks like something that I could pull off and it would be a really neat piece to hang on a wall.


melissa davis 11:19 AM  

Styling by Chelsea Fuss of Frolic?! Love Chelsea!!! (And happy to come across your blog!)

Erika 11:51 AM  

That would be the one! thank you for reminding me, i forgot to put that in there.....

heidistitches 11:57 AM  

I can't wait to make a large cross stitch letter - thanks for showing me the inspiration!

Anonymous,  8:58 PM  

wonderful blog!

Just thought I'd mention our lovely model is Anna Adams. She really made the shoot.

The large cross stitched letter was Elizabeth's brainchild. She's a genius. Seriously.

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