Took a midnight train goin anywhere

Had a delightful little weekend! Well, it's not quite over but I am super sunburned from a day at the beach. Took the girl and drove to the Rivera of the west. Laguna Beach. Nice. I had a choice- either sit in the shade with sunscreen on or bite the bullet and get a burn and hope that it turns into a tan. That seems to be the only way that my white ass gets color and this time of year, living in So Cal you gotta have a tan!
So now I am chillin under the ac in my p.j.'s slathered in aloe trying to decide what I want to do with my future and listening to a cd that Rhianne sent me THANK YOU Rhianne for the yummy chocolate and the beautiful necklace and the cd!!!! I am laughing me arse off at the fact that one of your favorite songs is "Don't Stop Believin". I used to love that song too, WHEN I WAS 10 YRS OLD!!!!! God I'm old.....
Also, my "pay it forwards" will be in the mail soon. Honestly I was planning on getting gifties at the Renegade Craft Fair but that turned out to be a huge disappointment. So now I am scrambling to come up with a better idea.


Rhianne 12:57 AM  

yeay, I'm glad you liked everything :)

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