Superhero Supplies Catalog!

I have always been a fan of the Eggers/McSweeney's/826 trifecta of awesomeness, and this just seals the deal. Great work through and through.

"Our 826 storefronts are exciting, whimsical, magical, and sometimes downright weird places where you can purchase anything from a new positronic brain for your favorite robot to a giant can of mammoth chunks for your next 450 B.C.-themed dinner party. Want some (decent) peg leg oil for your next pirate adventure? How about a cryptozoologist’s career starter kit or a space vehicle hull repair patch? Each product has been thoughtfully created by designers across the country, and now, with Essentially Odd, you can get an inside look at featured products from each 826 chapter. The catalog comes complete with notes and thoughts from the innovative minds behind the scenes, such as the following:
"Muscle" and speed of Light Canisters" :
The general concept for the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company store, from the beginning, was that it was a kind of Lowe’s or Wal-Mart for Superheroes. It would be the place where heroes could come get all the necessities imaginable that one might need for crime-fighting at unbeatable prices. So, we knew that our flagship line had to have that generic feel to it—as though there were a bunch of other fancy, expensive superhero products out there, but ours was the exact same thing only cheaper. Once the label was designed, the hard part would be thinking up a whole range of products that superheroes just wouldn’t be able to live without.
– Sam Potts, 826NYC Designer
span style="font-size:85%;">Essentially Odd features more than 150 pages of color photos of each 826 chapter’s storefronts and products, along with notes and commentary from the product designers. It is perfect for design enthusiasts, 826 fans, or those without enough cash to visit each 826 chapter in person"

Available for $12.00 at 826 National


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