An so our adventure begins....
We selected a small town in Washington state to move to. We found a nice little house (for less then half the money of our current place), overlooking the water We gave notice to our landlord yesterday. He was the best landlord ever. How many people can say they have a great landlord? I have had many and I have hated them all, but not this guy. I guess that's what happens when you pay $2800.00 a month for rent tho.
We closed our business down as of Friday. F-ing economy!
I have been selling everything off through Craigslist and Etsy. I have been selling a lot of my knick knacks into foreign countries. Interesting. Makes me wish I could mail myself off to Austrailia.
We bought a small trailer to haul the few things that we wish to keep. When you are selling off your stuff you find that you just don't want any of it. I would much rather have the cash now, and replace items later. Plus living in L.A. county means that you have a fantastic chance of selling things and getting good money for them. Everyone here uses Craigslist, something I will miss in Washington.
We hope to be out of California in about 3 weeks. I have so much to do in such a short time but I am very excited to be making a change.


lsaspacey 10:48 AM  

Congrats and good luck!

Phoebe 11:31 AM  

Baby's Daddy and his family are from Washington. We go at least once a year and are planning to return there for good before Little Miss starts first grade. It is beautiful and you're gonna love it. What part are you moving to?

Erika 11:46 AM  

Thanks ya'll. Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor.

Queen Mommy 7:39 AM  

I am really glad that you are happy with the move and envious how you are able to do it...I am excited about a new place to come visit you...I will start saving now...by the time I save up enough you will be well settled in...and know all the fun places to take me...

City Girl 6:58 PM  

You will extend your life expectancy by 20 years, just by leaving the smog for clean air. This is a good thing!

Good luck. :o)

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