Today was jam makin day! Hooty mutha frickin hoo. I am beat!
After picking and washing the grapes we then popped their guts out of their skin. Pureed the skin with a bit of sugar.
Cooked the guts and skins with sugar and pectin. A bunch of straining, cooking, adding more sugar. More cooking and straining.

8 hours later we have 6 jars of jam! I'd like to think that I did a lot of the work but aside from picking the grapes and squeezing the skin off my husband did the majority of the job. I am still trying to figure out how this is better than buying a jar of jam....
Grapes- free (more or less if you don't count the amount of water you had to give them)
Organic Sugar- about $5.00 (we tried to not over sugar it)
Pectin- $3.00
Jars and lid- $6.00
Gas on the stove- $? (come on-it was on like all day)
Water for washing EVERYTHING IN THE KITCHEN -$?
Labor- I'd like to think I'm worth at least $10.00 an hour for jam making.....

So our jams works out to be about $15.00 a jar before I mark it up 50% for retail. Fantastic! Anyone want to buy some?

The house smells like Manishevitz.


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